Coal Fired Power

Posted: Januari 7, 2011 in My Blog

Fired power plants are fossil fuel power plants that burn fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, or petroleum to produce electricity. Fired power plant, fossil fuels are designed for large scale production takes place continuously. In many countries, this type of power plants produce most of the electrical energy used. Fired power plant, fossil fuels have always been rotating machine that converts heat from combustion into mechanical energy which then operates the electric generators. The main driving force is probably the steam, compressed gases, or a machine cycle of internal combustion engines. Byproduct of combustion engines must be considered in the design of machines and operations. The heat is wasted because of the limited efficiency of the energy cycle, when not recovered as a room heater, will be discharged into the atmosphere. Residual gas combustion products discharged into the atmosphere, containing carbon dioxide and water vapor, also other substances such as nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and light gray (special coal) and possibly mercury. Solid ash from coal combustion should also be discarded, although the current solid ash coal combustion can be recycled as building materials.

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Opinion from reading the above

Actual coal-fired power is one of the power plants that generate electricity on a large scale. actual power plant, the electricity needs of a city or country can be met. but coal-fired power is much negative impact on the environment. Coal-fired power plants contribute to the greenhouse effect and contribute enormously to global warming. Coal produces greenhouse gases at least three times more than natural gas. Burning coal can lead to acid rain and air pollution, and can lead to global warming because the chemical composition of coal and the difficulty of moving the impurities from the solid fuel for combustion. Acid rain caused by emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide into the air. These emissions react with water vapor in the atmosphere, creating acid material (sulfuric acid, nitric acid), which falls as rain.
therefore, we should find a way for coal-fired power plants can be environmentally friendly. as we know, coal-fired power is very useful and can generate electricity on a large scale.
in my opinion, we can reduce carbon emissions and the burning of coal-fired power plants is by planting more trees around the power plant. in addition, combustion products from power stations should be accommodated in a place that contains a lot of oxygen.


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