Tips for learning english easily

Posted: November 21, 2010 in My Blog

Hello guys…in this moment i wanna share a little of my experience learning english. this is some tips for learning english easily. I hope all this can be useful for all of us.

In learning English, we must consider that learning English is difficult. but in fact learning the English language is very easy. therefore, actually all people can learn English.
the following tips to can easily learn English.

1. Try to love the English language
With our love english, then we will continue to learn to speak
2. Often memorizing vocabulary
Vocabulary in English is very important. by knowing the vocabulary,
we will be able to easily learn English.
3. Understanding of grammar
With our understanding of grammar then we will know the rules of
using words in the English language.
4. Often to listen to English songs
Listening to English songs help us train the pronunciation and
understanding words in the English language.
5. Exercise
This is the most important thing in learning English. we will be able
to speak english if we often practice speaking English with other


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