Electrical Engineering

Posted: September 23, 2010 in My Blog

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a science majors which study the electrical, electronics, and telecommunications. Right now, electrical engineering become one of famous science majors that interested by the graduates of senior high school student because many graduates from program of electrical engineering needed by the governments and industrial firms.

Reasons for choosing electrical engineering

I chose electrical engineering because i really liked the science that interrelated to the electrical, electronics and communications. I also want to know how to make a product that was so much needed right now such as notebook, handphone, camera, etc
beside that, i also want to know how to make a robot. I was very amazed to see people who can make robots. I also chose these science majors because the graduates of electrical engineering so much needed by the industrial firms so i can easily get jobs. Therefore, i will study seriously in these science majors so that i can reach my ambition. So, I can make my parents happy.my parents so much sacrificed to me.

English and Electrical Engineering

English in electrical technology is very important because many terms in electrical technology to use english. Electrical technology also has corelate with computer science that many use english. In addition, we can also understand the contents of imported english language books about the electrical technology so we can get many science. In english we can also communication with the foreign people who have a lot of knowledge and experience so we can compete with foreign people. Finally, we are obliged to learn english.


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